Needs based awards

Do not miss your chance to apply for a Need-Based Award. The application deadline is 15 November 2021. 

Need-based awards are available to assist students, trainees, post-doctorates and unfunded faculty with complimentary registration to attend CMV 2022. This award is intended for those who could not otherwise attend the Workshop due to personal or organizational financial restrictions, and cannot commit to registration without obtaining financial support in advance. Applicants are expected to submit an abstract for for consideration either as a poster or an oral presentation.

Notification of these awards will be sent on 22 November 2021.

Upon receiving confirmation of the award, you MUST register and submit the final abstract before 1 December 2021 or your award will be rescinded.

So apply before registration and, if awarded, a code for a free registration will be sent to you.

To apply for a needs based award you must complete and submit the form below – note that you will need to upload a letter, in pdf format, from your mentor/PhD supervisor/line manager supporting the needs based application and detailing the siuation around the financial difficulties being experienced by the applicant.