Public Session

On Sunday 27th March, there will be a fascinating two hour session on Zoom aimed at the general public, featuring updates on aspects of CMV that everyone would like to know more about. This will encompass brief talks from experts in the field, followed by a panel discussion where speakers will answer questions from the general public. 

Registration is free, complete the form at the bottom of this page..

In addition to members of the public, we strongly encourage attendees to the CMV workshop to come along, in particular PhD students and postdocs! 

Programme – all times BST (GMT+1)

15.00-15.02 Welcome Mike Weekes (University of Cambridge, UK) 
15.02-15.22 Impacts of CMV on children and their families, and preventing transmission of CMV during pregnancy CMV Action UK 
15.23-15.43 Treatments for congenital CMV in babies and during pregnancy Paul Griffiths (University College London, UK) 
Asma Khalil (St. George’s Hospital, University of London, UK) 
15.44-16.04  Testing for congenital CMV during pregnancy and in newborns Sheila Dollard (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA) 
Soren Gantt (Université de Montréal, Canada) 
16.05-16.25 Vaccines for CMV Paul Moss (University of Birmingham, UK) 
16.26-17.15 Panel discussion: questions from the audience All speakers